Top 10 Beer Brands in India With Prices 2024

Is it true that you are a beer lover? Searching for beer brands for the gathering? Here are the Top 10 Beer Brands in India. People groups make beer as a reviving beverage that coordinates all the age classifications whether it is an oldie or a youthful. This is a kind of liquor that consummately suits all situations. Now you can even buy instant beer powder for instant powder… just kidding.

Beer is a popular alcoholic beverage in India. The beer market in India has been growing in recent years, driven by a rising middle class and a growing youth population. The most popular brands of beer in India are Kingfisher, Haywards, and Carlsberg. These brands are brewed by the United Breweries Group, SABMiller India, and Carlsberg Group respectively.

India is also home to a number of microbreweries, which produce a variety of craft beers. These microbreweries have been gaining popularity in recent years, as consumers become more adventurous in their drinking choices.

The beer industry in India is heavily regulated, with strict laws on advertising, labeling, and production. The legal drinking age in India is 18, and the sale of alcohol is prohibited in some states. Despite these regulations, the beer market in India is expected to continue growing in the coming years.

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Top 10 Beer Brands in India 2020

Top 10 Beer Brands in India

1. Kingfisher

Kingfisheris the first class, generally adored, and driving brew brand of India regardless of solid rivalry from a few neighborhoods just as International brands. What makes it so mainstream is the bounteous malt and the light, reviving taste. The pioneer of the pack, it is the most traded larger brand of India. Kingfisher, The King of Good Times is made by the United Breweries Group drove by Vijay Mallya; The Liquor King of India. Kingfisher isn't only an item yet a direction for living for a dominant part of Indians and legitimately takes its situation on this rundown.

2. Carlsberg
Carlsberg Beer is one of the 500 brands of the Carlsberg Group. The Indian market is a safe haven for this beer brand. It has many names, such as the Carlsberg Lager, the Carlsberg Beer, and the Carlsberg Pilsner. Pilsner is an enticing Bitter Sweet blend and is very popular.

3. Budweiser
Budweiser “The King of Beer” is the beer that will satisfy us with their fresh and light flavor. Budweiser uses the same five ingredients that Adolphus used when he started the Bush brewery: water, barley, yeast, hops, and rice. It is one of the best beers on the list of top 10 beer brands, and this legendary American beer inspired many beers to come into existence.

4. Heineken
The famous beer Heineken is fond of its strong punch and full-bodied taste. This beer is a bit stronger than other heavily produced lager drinks. Types of this beer are Heineken Premium Beer, Heineken Draft. The Heineken brewery was founded in Amsterdam in 1864 and has been known for its green glass bottles ever since. Do you know there are even some healthy beers and we listed out some best healthy beers.

5. Corona
Corona is the drink we want to try at least once in our life. It tastes delicate with fruity-honey aromas and gives a touch of malt. But we can only get it in pubs, however, it has a higher price but it's worth having a drink. This Corona beer opened in 1925 in Mexico. Types of this beer are Corona Extra and Corona Light.

6. Royal Challenge
The Royal Challenge Beer is brewed for longer so it gives an extra, full-bodied flavor; The Royal Challenge's tagline is "Brood Stronger Brood Better". The second-largest light beer in India, Royal Challenge is in high demand in Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, and Andhra Pradesh.

A longer boiling time delivers a soft, crisp flavor and a very rich flavor. With its golden yellow color, the Royal Challenge has all the qualities that make it a great beer brand. Made using the finest 6 malt barley, the Royal Challenge is perfect for people with special preferences.

7. Hoegaarden
The father of all beer, Hogarden was first made in 1445 and is one of the oldest brewers of all time. Hogarden only cuts based on its flavors and tastes. It is designed for those who feel prolonged laziness.

8. Miller
Lager Miller, whom we call the "Champion of Beer." This is a very classic, American-style logger. It is one of the cheapest beers in India and is suitable for those who drink beer like water. Miller High Life is less bitter compared to all other brands and is a perfectly soft drink with normal alcohol content.

9. Tuborg
This clever party beer with a handy pull-tab drive our youth with its vibrant energy and diverse bitterness. Comfortable everywhere, this Danish brand may have unlocked the secret of distribution in India. It is a tool to be able to survive in the market with virtually no taste.

10. Bira 91
Skip mainstream beers, Beera 91 (this number represents the country code of India) is a brand-new craft beer that takes urban India by storm. Launched in 2015, it has already become a calling home for beer fans and is a premium beer sold in many of the Capital City bars. The company is looking to fill the space in the market for a "sophisticated, exceptional, fun, and smart brand of beer." It is placed between mainstream Indian beer brands and well-imported ones.

Updated Beer Prices in Telangana, Delhi, and Mumbai 2023

Beer BrandBeer QuantityBeer Price in Telangana Beer Price in Delhi Beer Price in Mumbai
Kingfisher 650 ml INR 135 INR 135 INR 125
Carlsberg 650 ml INR 190 INR 180 INR 185
Budweiser 650 ml INR 170 INR 160 INR 175
Heineken 650 ml INR 345 INR 300 INR 355
Corona 650 ml INR 280 INR 280 INR 290
Royal Challenge 650 ml INR 100 INR 100 INR 100
Hoegaarden 330 ml INR 280 INR 280 INR 290
Miller 650 ml INR 170 INR 155 INR 185
Tuborg 650 ml INR 165 INR 170 INR 185
Bira 91 330 ml INR 155 INR 150 INR 165